ORSA Highpower Rifle Program

Welcome to the Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Association Highpower Rifle Program site.  

Note this site is being replaced by the ORSA Rifle and Pistol site within in the next couple of months..  Please visit and bookmark the new site 

For information on other programs and general information about ORSA including membership informationplease visit the main ORSA website at http://www.orsaonline.org

Squadding and registration for all matches begins at 

least 1 hour before match start time. 

Please plan to arrive 1 1/2 hours before match start time.

Refer to the specific match program found on the Match Schedule 

page (link on the left) for start times and details.

CMP rules change for service rifles. In the most recent revision dated 3/2/17 the CMP added some important revisions to this year's rule book as pertaining to legal service rifles. The effect is rifles that were legal last year are now illegal. Rule 6.1.1 now specifies that ejection port covers can't be removed, extended bolt releases can no longer require permanent modifications or cuts to the lower (so the CLE right side release mod is no longer legal) also billet uppers or lowers can't be used.

The NRA and CMP have both revised the rules related to optics use in highpower rifle both in 2016 and again in 2017.  Please be familiar with the changes prior to the season.