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3/20/16 Fund raiser match added

posted Mar 15, 2016, 5:02 PM by Gerald Bowers
Right after the EIC on March 20th at 3pm, we are hosting a benefit sniper match for Lance Corporal Cody Evans, who lost both legs to an IED in Afghanistan.  The proceeds will go towards construction of an accessible home in Speedwell, TN for Cody and his family.

This match will be similar to the CMP Vintage Sniper match, except you compete as an individual, and there are no limitations on rifles or sighting systems (EXCEPT NO 50 BMG or Variants, and the entire match is shot at 600 yds.

There will be a 5 minute sighter period with unlimited sighters, and then 10 shots for record at the NRA F-Class target if using a scope, or the NRA MR target for dyed-in-the wool Service rifle shooters or match rifle shooters with aperture sights.  There will be food involved as well.  Lunch if you aren't in the EIC, and dinner for all.

Please consider participating, or at least volunteering to help in the pits or the line.  Your assistance is especially needed in the pits since many participants may not have target pulling experience.

You will also get to meet the members of some local law enforcement SWAT teams that will compete.

So, If you wish to participate, and you are shooting in the EIC match, PLEASE read this part very carefully:

If you are shooting in the EIC and want to compete in the Sniper Match, you must let Stephen Arvan, the Match Sponsor know because he will be registering competitors starting at 1pm.  You will not be able to break away from the match to register, so Stephen needs to know ahead of time so you can be squadded.

Stephen's e-mail is