2011 Match Schedule

Archived 2011 Match Schedule

NRA Registered High Power Tournaments   Charlie Smart   (865)494-9895   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

May 4-8            Big Ed’s Registered HP Rifle Tournament

                                    USAMU HP rifle clinic Wednesday

50 shot warm-up match Thursday

NMC team match Friday

                                    80 shot individual match Saturday

                                    Rifleman’s match and CMP EIC match Sunday

2011 Big Ed's Tournament Program


June 1-5            NRA Regional HP Rifle Championship

                                    USAMU HP rifle clinic Wednesday

50 shot warm-up match Thursday

NMC team match Friday

                                    80 shot individual match Saturday

                                    Rifleman’s match and CMP EIC match Sunday

2011 Regional Championship Tournament Program


NRA Registered Long Range Tournaments   Larry Sparks   (865)777-4696   larrysparks@chartertn.net

May 13-15   NRA Regional 1000yd LR Rifle Championship  (includes F-class)

2011 NRA Regional 1000Yd LR Championship Program


Sept 9-11  Tennessee State LR Rifle Championship  (includes F-class)

2011 TN State LR Championship Program



NRA Approved HP Rifle Tournaments   Gerald Bowers   (865)981-3263   coldfire70@comcast.net

Saturdays 80 shot; Sundays 50 shot        

March 5-6, April 2, Sept 3, Oct 1-2, Nov 5    

2011 Approved Program



CMP “Last Chance Leg” EIC Rifle Match   Charlie Smart   (865)494-9895   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

Nov 6

2011 Last Chance Leg Match Program



NRA Approved LR/MR Rifle Tournaments   Larry Sparks   (865)777-4696   larrysparks@chartertn.net

March 12-13, April 9-10, June 11, July 9, Oct 8-9  

(LR on Saturdays, MR on Sundays.  Both matches include F-class)

2011 NRA Approved LR Program

2011 NRA Approved MR Program



NRA Approved Palma and 1000Yd LR Rifle Tournament   Larry Sparks   (865)777-4696   larrysparks@chartertn.net

June 12, July 10 (includes F-class)

2011 Palma and LR Program


IBS 600 yd Benchrest Matches             Michael Tjon   (865)405-6014   mtrt43@gmail.com

July 30, Aug 27


Fullbore Matches             Larry Sparks   (865)777-4696   larrysparks@chartertn.net

April 17, May 29, June 26

2011 Fullbore Match Program


CMP Games                                         Charlie Smart   (865)494-9895   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

April 30, Sept 17, Oct 15, Oct 29, Nov 12

2011 CMP Games Program


CMP Service Rifle Clinics                     Alan Strachn     (931)260-6087  alanstrachn@gmail.com

Feb 26, March 19, April 16, August 20, October 22

New Shooter FAQ

NOTE: Anyone that wants to participate as a "new" shooter in a CMP clinic must contact Alan at 931-260-6087 in advance to pre-register,

regardless of whether they have their own equipment/ammo or if they need ORSA support. 

This also applies to anyone who's taken the introductory class before, but still wants to shoot the 200 yard course as a "novice" shooter with coaching.   

If there are more than 30 people who want to participate Alan will maintain a Standby List of others as they call in. 

On the morning of the clinic if we have any no-shows among the pre-registered shooters we'll fill those slots with any Standby shooters on site by 8:00am.



Camp Perry Practice                            Charlie Smart   (865)494-9895   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

May 21-22, May 28, June 18-19, June 25, July 2-3, July 16-17, July 23-24

Saturday is the primary day for the practice,

Sunday is an alternate rain date to be utilized only when the corresponding Saturday is rained out