2013 Match Schedule

Oak Ridge Sportsmens Association
2013 High Power Rifle Schedule
Contacts can provide tournament information, programs, and start times

Note: Match programs links are in blue below each match (as they are available)

Revised: 7 JUL 2013 

 Please refer to match program for start times. 


NRA Registered High Power Tournaments   Charlie Smart   (865)254-9896   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

May 2-5            Big Ed’s Memorial Rifle Tournament

                                    50 shot warm-up match Thursday

                                    50 shot team match Friday

                                    80 shot individual match Saturday

                                    Rifleman’s match and CMP EIC match Sunday

Program: 2013 Big Ed's Tournament Program


May 30 - June 2   NRA Regional HP Rifle Championship

                                    50 shot warm-up match Thursday

                                    50 shot team match Friday

                                    80 shot individual match Saturday

                                    Rifleman’s match and CMP EIC match Sunday

Program: 2013 Regional Championship Tournament Program

July 5-6   NRA Junior Regional HP Rifle Championship

                                    50 shot team match Friday

                                    80 shot individual match Saturday

Program: 2013 Junior Regional Championship Tournament Program


NRA Approved 200/300/600 HP Rifle Tournaments   Gerald Bowers   (865)981-3263   coldfire70@comcast.net

Saturdays 80 shot; Sundays 50 shot        

March 2-3, April 6-7, Sept 7-8(Rifleman’s match on Sunday in conjunction with EIC leg match), Oct 5-6, Nov 2    

Program:  2013 Approved Program

CMP EIC Rifle Match   Charlie Smart   (865)254-9896   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

Sept 8 (To be held concurrently with NRA Approved 50 shot Rifleman’s match)

Program: 2013 Sept Leg Match Program

CMP “Last Chance Leg” EIC Rifle Match   Charlie Smart   (865)254-9896   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

Nov 3

Program: 2013 Last Chance Leg Match Program


CMP Family Shoots                                         Charlie Smart   (865)254-9896   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

Mar 30, Aug 17

Program: 2013 Family Shoot Program


CMP Service Rifle Clinics                     Alan Strachn     (931)260-6087  alanstrachn@gmail.com

Feb 23, March 16, April 20, May 18, August 31

New Shooter FAQ

NOTE: Anyone that wants to participate as a "new" shooter in a CMP clinic must contact Alan at 931-260-6087 in advance to pre-register,

regardless of whether they have their own equipment/ammo or if they need ORSA support. 

This also applies to anyone who's taken the introductory class before, but still wants to shoot the 200 yard course as a "novice" shooter with coaching.   

If there are more than 30 people who want to participate Alan will maintain a Standby List of others as they call in. 

On the morning of the clinic if we have any no-shows among the pre-registered shooters we'll fill those slots with any Standby shooters on site by 8:00am.


CMP Games                                         Charlie Smart   (865)254-9896   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 9

Program:  2013 CMP Games Program


Camp Perry Practice                            Charlie Smart   (865)254-9896   cwsmart@bellsouth.net

June 15-16, June 29-30, July 7, July 20-21


IBS 600Yd Benchrest Matches              Rome Outlaw   (865)272-3093  joro100@comcast.net 

March 17, April 27, May 25, June 22, July 27, Sept 28


NRA Prone Rifle Tournaments               Larry Sparks (865)777-4696 larrysparks@chartertn.net

NRA Mid Range & Fullbore & Rifle Clinic    Phil Hendra (865)386-6834 phendra@tds.ne

March 9-10, April 13-14, June 8-9, July 13-14, Sept 14-15, Oct 12-13

April 28, May 26, June 23, July 28, Sept 29

Program: 2013 TN State LR HP Championship (Registered)

Program: 2013 LR HP Regional Championship (Registered)

Program: 2013 Approved Palma

Program: 2013 Approved 3X1000YD LR

Program: 2013 Approved 3X600YD MR 

Program: 2013 Fullbore 

3/9 3x1000 (Prone-Service-F-Class)

3/10 800-900-1000 Palma, with additional Team Match (Prone-Service-F-Class)

4/13 3x1000 (Prone-Service-F-Class)

4/14 800-900-1000 Palma Match (Prone-Service-F-Class)

4/21 Rifle Clinic (Prone-Service-F-Class) *** see note below

4/28 3x600 (Prone-Service-F-Class)

5/11-12th Regional Prone Match (Prone-Service-F-Class)

5/26 3x600 (Prone-Service-F-Class)

6/8 3x1000 (Prone-Service-F-Class)

6/9 800-900-1000 Palma, with additional Team Practice match (Prone-Service-F-Class)

6/23 800-900-1000 Fullbore Match (Prone-Service-F-Class)

7/13 3x1000 (Prone-Service-F-Class)

7/14 800-900-1000 Palma Match, with additional Team Match (Prone-Service-F-Class)

7/28 800-900-1000 Fullbore Team Match (Prone-Service-F-Class)

9/14-15 State Championship for LR Prone (Registered for F-class)

9/29 3x600 (Includes Club Championship MR (Prone-Service-F-Class)

10/12 3x1000 (Includes Club Championship LR (Prone-Service-F-Class)

10/13 800-900-1000 Palma Match (Includes Club Championship LR (Prone-Service-F-Class)

***Please email phendra@tds.net if you are interested in the attending the rifle clinic. We will be covering wind reading, position & equipment for new shooters.

 Please include your name, type of rifle and if you plan on shooting F-Class, Service or Prone. This will help us to have enough coaches on hand.

October 12th & 13th matches we have a club championship for A/A on Saturday and Palma on Sunday? 

1st place agg score gets membership paid ($120), second place ($60), third place ($30)



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