2014 Match Schedule

Oak Ridge Sportsmens Association
2014 High Power Rifle Schedule
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Note: Match programs links are in blue below each match (as they are available)

Revised: 8 Oct 2014 

High Power Rifle Events

NRA Registered High Power Tournaments      Alan Strachn (931)260-6087      alanstrachn@gmail.com 
April 30             USAMU Mentor Match    LINK
May 1-4              Big Ed’s Memorial Rifle Tournament  

June 4                 USAMU Mentor Match    LINK
June 5-8             NRA Regional HP Rifle Championship
Program: 2014 Regional Championship Tournament Program

NRA Approved HP Rifle Tournaments      Gerald Bowers (865)981-3263     coldfire70@comcast.net
March 1-2, April 5-6, Sept 6-7, Oct 4-5, Nov 1
Program:  2014 Approved Program

CMP “Last Chance Leg” EIC Rifle Match      Alan Strachn (931)260-6087      alanstrachn@gmail.com 
Nov 2
Program: 2014 Last Chance Leg Match Program

CMP Rifle Training                   Alan Strachn (931)260-6087      alanstrachn@gmail.com

CMP Qualification Shoots                   Feb 23; March 16; Note the Oct 26 and Nov 23 Qualification shoots are canceled
CMP Basic Rifle Clinics                         Feb 22; March 15; Oct 25; Note the Nov 22 basic rifle clinic is canceled  
CMP Advanced Rifle Clinics              March 29; April 26; May 24; June 28 

CMP Games GSM Matches             Alan Strachn (931)260-6087      alanstrachn@gmail.com
Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 8
Program:  2014 CMP Games Program

Camp Perry Practices                          Alan Strachn (931)260-6087      alanstrachn@gmail.com
May 17-18; May 31-June 1; June 21-22; July 5-6


Long Range / Mid Range Prone Rifle Events

NRA Registered Tournaments              Larry Sparks (865)777-4696      larrysparks@chartertn.net 

June 12-15 NRA Regional LR Rifle Championship 
Program: 2014 Regional LR Championship Tournament Program
Sept 12-14 Tennessee LR rifle State Championship

NRA Approved LR Tournaments                  Larry Sparks (865)777-4696          larrysparks@chartertn.net
                                                                                                Phil Hendra (865)386-6834             phendra@tds.net

NRA LR Prone Matches                      March 8-9; April 12-13; May 10-11; July 12-13; October 11-12  (note: March will be a club match not NRA approved)
Program:  2014 LR (1000YD) Program
NRA Fullbore Match                            Sept 27-28 
Program:  2014 Fullbore Program
NRA 600x3 Matches                           Feb 23; March 16; Sept 21; Oct 19; Nov 9
Program:  2014 600X3 Program

LR Rifle Training                                 Phil Hendra (865)386-6834                                 phendra@tds.net
LR Rifle Clinics                                            March 30; April 19
LR Team Training                                      April 27; May 25; June 29; July 26-27

Other Events 

Mini-Palma                                                Mike Glasman   clocktime@tds.net
March 22,23

Vintage BPC Rifle Shoot                                  Ron Nurse (865)256-7592                  ron2506jet@yahoo.com
Nov 15

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