2016 Match Schedule

Oak Ridge Sportsmens Association
2016 High Power Rifle Schedule
Contacts can provide tournament information, programs, and start times

Note: Match programs links are in blue below each match (as they are available)

On dates noted as *** the Monterrey Road entrance will need to be utilized to reach the HP range

Turn beside Big Turtle Park, take first left and the ORSA gate will be on your right Map

Revised: 25 Sep 2016 

High Power Rifle Events  - Across the Course

NRA Registered High Power Tournaments      Mike Glasman (865)671-2698        
Apr 28-May 1***              Big Ed’s Memorial Rifle Tournament  

June 2-5             Charlie Smart Memorial NRA Regional HP Rifle Championship 
Program: 2016 Regional Championship Tournament Program

NRA Approved HP Rifle Tournaments      Gerald Bowers (865)981-3263     coldfire70@comcast.net
Mar 19, Apr 16, Sep 17***, Oct 15, Nov 19  
Note change this year, XTC rifle matches will be held on the weekend of the 3rd Saturday instead of the 1st Saturday

CMP EIC Rifle Match      Gerald Bowers (865)981-3263     coldfire70@comcast.net 
Mar 20, May 1, Jun 5, Sep 18***, Nov 20
Program: 2016 EIC Leg Match Program

CMP Rifle Training                   Mike Glasman (865)671-2698        
CMP Basic Rifle Clinics                         Mar 5, Apr 2***, Oct 1***  
New shooters interested in 200/300/600 yard competition are encouraged to attend at least one basic rifle clinic.
All competitors to meet at the ORSA indoor range at 7am the day or the clinic.

CMP Games GSM Matches              Kyle Kirschenmann (865)621-5506 kkmann64@gmail.com
May 21, Jun 12*** ,Jun 25***, Oct 29
The Jun 12th match will be one Garand match followed by a Garand Rattle, see program for details. 
Program: 2016 CMP GSM Games Match Program

CMP Games Vintage Sniper Matches           Kyle Kirschenmann (865)621-5506 kkmann64@gmail.com
May 8, May 22, Oct 30
Program: 2016 CMP Vintage Sniper Match Program

Club Match M1A Matches             Mike Glasman (865)671-2698        orsatime@gmail.com
Apr 23, Jun 26

CMP Carbine Matches             Kyle Kirschenmann (865)621-5506 kkmann64@gmail.com
Sep 3, Nov 13
Program: 2016 CMP Carbine Match Program

Camp Perry Practices             Cecil Baldwin (865)690-1246 cabaldwin@mindspring.com
May 28, Jun 11***, July 2, July 16, July 17(rain date)

Long Range / Mid Range Prone Rifle Events

NRA Registered Tournaments              Larry Sparks (865)777-4696      larrysparks@chartertn.net 

June 17-19 NRA Regional LR Rifle Championship 
Program: 2016 Regional LR Championship Tournament Program
Sept 9-11 Tennessee LR rifle State Championship
Program: 2016 Tennessee LR State Championship Program

Oct 22-23*** Tn Mid-Range State Prone/F-Class Combined Championship 
Program: 2016 TN MR Combined Prone/F-Class State Championship Program

NRA Approved LR Tournaments                  Larry Sparks (865)777-4696          larrysparks@chartertn.net
                                                                      Phil Hendra (865)386-6834          phendra@tds.net

NRA LR Prone Matches                      
Mar 12-13, Apr 9-10, May 14-15, Jul 9-10, October 8-9

NRA 600x3 Matches                           Apr 17, Sept 4, Oct 16, Nov 5-6 
Program:  2016 600X3 Program

LR Rifle Training                                 Phil Hendra (865)386-6834                                 phendra@tds.net 
LR Rifle Clinics                                         Mar 6, Oct 2 
New shooters interested in 800/900/1000 yard prone only competition are encouraged to attend at least one LR rifle clinic
LR Team Training                                      Apr 24, May 29, July 3, July 23-24, July 31 

Other Rifle and Pistol Events 

Smallbore Prone          Ed Foley (865)246-1490         edf@fohcinc.com
Apr 30-May 1     State Championship
Apr 16, Oct 15    prone match 
Smallbore Program

Mini-Palma          Thomas Colyer (xxx)xxx-xxxx precisionwelding01@comcast.net
Apr 17,  Oct 16

600/1000yd        Rick Weber (865)986-5356          rweber@cvs.com
Mar 26-27(rain date) 

Vintage BPC Rifle Shoot          Ron Nurse (865)256-7592          ron2506jet@yahoo.com
Nov 12

EIC Pistol Matches          
Robert Cardin (865)207-3718     cardenre@aol.com 

Bullseye Pistol Matches          Robert Cardin (865)207-3718     cardenre@aol.com 
Jan 17, Feb 21, Mar 20, Nov 13, Dec 18 
May 15, Jun 19, Aug 21, Sep 18, Oct 16

Indoor Pneumatic Rifle Sniper League             Dave Arney (865)850-5041 bigarney@gmail.com

Ongoing 10:00 am, Indoor Range
First and Fourth Saturdays

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