HP Range Use Policy

ORSA Rifle and Pistol Club

High Power Rifle Competition Range Rules


The High Power (HP) Rifle Competition Range is used for organized, ORSA-sponsored tournaments, leagues, and training clinics.  When not scheduled for sanctioned events the HP Competition Range may also be used by qualified ORSA members for competition practice under the conditions listed below.  Qualified members must hold a competitor classification card in at least one NRA rifle discipline or must have a current CMP competitor number.  Other members may qualify through participation in a minimum of two CMP or NRA rifle clinics per year.  Non-qualified ORSA members may use the HP Competition Range if accompanied by a qualified R&P Club member.  Use by outside teams and organizations may be authorized by the ORSA Board of Directors, but must be supervised by qualified R&P Club members.  The ORSA HP Rifle Competition Range is widely recognized as one of the finest tournament venues in the nation.  To protect ORSA’s investment and prevent damage to this facility all other casual, non-competition shooting is strictly prohibited.



Safety is the top priority.  All range usage will be governed by current HP range safety regulations of ORSA, NRA, and CMP.

All uncased rifles must have the bolt open with an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) inserted before they can be handled on the range.

It is mandatory that the Fishing Pond be inspected and cleared before firing.

Firing may take place only from the numbered firing points on the marked firing lines at 100, 200, 300, 600, 800, 900, and 1000 yards.

During firing the range road must be blocked by closing the range control gate at the firing line currently in use.  When firing at ranges exceeding 600 yards users must also barricade the access road to the Action Pistol Range on the eastern side of the range.

During firing pit personnel must remain between their target carrier and the pit wall at all times.


Only centerfire rifles less than .50 caliber are authorized.  Refer to current NRA and CMP Competition Rules for specific guidance.


Only paper targets sanctioned for NRA or CMP competitions may be used.  No other targets are authorized.

Practice targets must be mounted on one of the 6’ by 6’ cardboard-backed target frames kept for practice firing under the shelter attached to the right side of the locked shed where competition targets and supplies are stored.

The target frame must be mounted only in the target carrier numbered the same as the firing point in use.  The target frame must be securely tied to the target carrier at both sides.

Targets may not be placed on the ground between firing lines or on the pit safety berm.  Targets may not be attached to target number boards, flag poles, range control gates, or any range structure.


Vehicles may not be driven across grassed firing lines or behind the target pits.  Vehicles must be parked in the graveled parking area behind the active firing line or in the paved pit parking area.



Gerald Bowers,
Apr 15, 2012, 6:23 PM