New Shooter Information




Welcome to the ORSA High Power Rifle Program’s “New Shooter” web site.  Here you can learn about how to get started in our rifle marksmanship activities through ORSA’s CMP service rifle clinics.


CMP SERVICE RIFLE CLINICS are an important first step for all of our new shooters.  Clinic participation qualifies you to purchase surplus rifles and ammunition from the government’s Civilian Marksmanship Program.  Clinics also prepare you to participate in CMP Games events and NRA rifle competitions scheduled throughout the year at ORSA.  First-time competitors who do not hold an NRA High Power Rifle classification or a CMP Competitor Number are required to complete at least one CMP rifle clinic before firing a CMP or NRA match at ORSA.  Because of the informal atmosphere during clinics new shooters are able to learn, ask questions, and interact with their instructors and coaches in a way not possible during match competition.


Each clinic begins with a Saturday morning classroom session during which you will receive basic background on topics including:

            Range safety and operations

            Course of fire and shooting positions

            Target scoring and pit operations

            Equipment maintenance


Then should you need equipment you will be issued a jacket, mitt, and be assigned to a target and experienced coach.  ORSA also will provide you with a rifle and ammo if you don’t own a service rifle.  you’ll have a first chance to put this information to work on the range.  You’ll be paired up with one of our experienced rifle competitors for some individualized coaching while you fire a practice match. 


COST  The cost is $30 for participants if they need a club rifle and ammo.  Only club-supplied ammo is allowed to be used in club rifles.  Since this is a service rifle clinic you must use a suitable service rifle (M1, M1A, AR15, or bolt action military rifle) along with safe ammo.   


REGISTRATION  Only a limited number of shooters can be handled at each clinic.  Advance registration is required for all new shooters to insure that adequate coaching support is available.  New shooters should get in touch with the individual listed as the CMP clinic contact on the annual event schedule posted on the ORSA HP Rifle Program web site ( at least a week in advance.  If you need to use a club rifle and/or ammunition you may also make arrangements when you pre-register. 


Shooter check-in begins at 7:00AM at the ORSA Indoor Range on the day of the clinic and concludes at 7:30AM.  CMP and ORSA require all first-time shooters to complete and sign a certificate of eligibility and waiver of liability before participating in any CMP rifle clinic or match.  You may download a copy of this form at and complete it before coming to the range.



You will need to bring the following basic equipment to participate in a CMP rifle clinic:

            If using your own rifle:

Service Rifle and sling if using your own rifle and Empty Chamber Indicator

            3 magazines, M1 Garand clips, or 4 stripper clips for bolt action rifles

            50 rounds of ammunition


Alll Participants:

            **Hearing protection (ear plugs and/or muffs)

            **Eye protection / shooting glasses

            Clipboard, pencil and paper (or a rifle scorebook if you have one)

            Rain gear (for yourself and to cover your equipment)

            Loose clothing, suitable for weather conditions

            Ball cap


            Drinking water (LOTS of it)

            Light lunch

            Optional items for personal comfort as desired (sunglasses, bug repellent,

                        towel or face cloth, folding chair, etc.)


            ** indicates required safety items


You should also consider obtaining the following equipment as you gain shooting experience.  Your coaches will probably have many of these items at the clinics.  We recommend that you observe and ask about what shooting equipment competitors use and prefer before investing a lot of money in specialized items like this:

            Shooting jacket

            Shooting glove

            Shooting mat

            Spotting scope and stand

            Shooter’s stool

            Cleaning rod and chamber brush

            Sight blackening lamp or spray



Rifle competition is a fun and rewarding pastime that creates lifelong friendships and memories.  We hope you will take advantage of as many of the CMP rifle clinics as possible to meet other ORSA rifle shooters, start your involvement in competitive shooting and build your skills to whatever level you desire.  For additional information about the training, competitions, and equipment sales conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program you can log on to their web site at